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The Starz network’s new series Gaslit tackles the topic of President Nixon’s Watergate scandal, but this time folks will see it from someone else’s perspective. Martha Mitchell, portrayed by Julia Roberts, the woman who first blew the whistle on the Nixon administration’s wrongdoing, is the focus of the limited series. The show will cover the perspective from Michell’s point of view along with her husband, John Mitchell (Sean Penn), and various other people close to the administration. Here’s what you need to know about Martha before diving into the series.

Julia Roberts as Martha Mitchell

‘Gaslit’ characters refer to Martha Mitchell as the ‘Mouth of the South’

Mitchell was born in Arkansas and the wife of Nixon’s Attorney General John Dixon. She often got both herself and her husband into predicaments by being known as a gossip. Mitchell befriended several reporters and subtly tipped them off regarding critical political matters. Her outspokenness on Republican issues earned her the nickname “The Mouth of the South,” but people also called her “Martha the Mouth.” Gaslit mentions Mitchell’s nickname at least once in the series.


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