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Former Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield has been criticised by Sky News hosts after making a bold prediction about the Liberal Party.

Former Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield has been described as “sinister” by a panel of TV hosts after divulging details of her strong anti-Liberal views on social media.

In a post to Instagram stories last week, Chatfield delivered her hot take on the future of the Liberal Party while performing her face cleansing routine.

The 26-year-old, who hosts popular podcast It’s a Lot, and the Hit Network’s Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield radio show, predicted the party’s gradual downfall in the coming two decades.

“In the next 10 or 15 years, as people who are voting for the Liberal Party literally die out and also metaphorically die out in their way of thinking and how the world will progress … I really do think that eventually our two-party system will be the Greens – the left – and then Labor, which would be more like how we see the Liberal Party now,” she told followers.

“Because I just feel like there are so few people who are young and educated who are voting Liberal. If you’re voting Liberal and you’re my age, genuinely, there’s something genuinely wrong. You’re either uneducated or have no empathy.”

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The clip, originally filmed Thursday, was shared by Sky News on Sunday evening, where hosts purported not to know who Chatfield was.

After playing the video, host Rita Panahi sarcastically described Chatfield “hilarious” for what she believed was a lack of self awareness.

“That is just hilarious because the lack of self-awareness that you could sound so thoroughly thick and awful and then talk about empathy and talk about intelligence, I mean, are you kidding me?” she told viewers.

Panahi joked that Chatfield should be included in a weekly segment so people watching could “feel better about themselves”.

Another host said “there’s a very sinister side to this”, with Panahi agreeing, saying: “Of course it’s sinister, it’s bloody evil.”

“The same people who wanted lockdowns … but then ‘oh yeah they’re dying out’. Make up your mind,” Panahi said.

In Monday evening’s Hot Nights program, Chatfield refuted some of the comments and argued against the accusation she was not empathetic and “evil”.

She also questioned why hosts had decided to speak about her if they truly didn’t know who she was.

“You’re either purposefully being a bit mean, or you aren’t prepared,” she said.

“And why are you covering it, why am I on your show if you don’t know who I am? If you aren’t concerned about my point of view, why are you not knowing who I am? If I’m no one, why am I on the show?”

Chatfield argued statistics showed the age of Liberal voters were predominantly older Australians, which she claimed backed up her prediction there soon would be none left.

Chatfield appears to have taken situation with some humour, having now added “‘Sinister’ – Sky News, 2022,” to the top of her Instagram profile.


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