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I’m so used to the Academy Awards traditionally being the last show of awards season that I must admit it threw me when I remembered in my post-Oscars haze that the 64th Annual Grammy Awards are Sunday.

It’s music’s biggest night, set to be filled with performances from some of the biggest stars.

Jon Batiste, the musician who also serves as the bandleader on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” leads in nominations with 11, followed by Justin Bieber, H.E.R., Doja Cat, Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo.
Look for a tribute to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who died recently at the age of 50 before a show in Colombia. The band had been scheduled to perform at the Grammy ceremony.

‘Sort It Out’

(From left) Sisters Brandie Larsen and Ryan Eiesland, stars of "Sort It Out" on The Design Network, are shown.

Itching for some spring cleaning?

Sisters Brandie Larsen and Ryan Eiesland of Home Sort have got you. They travel around the country, using their favorite mDesign products to help busy homeowners transform a space into a clutter-free haven.

“Sort It Out” premiers Tuesday on The Design Network.

‘The Girl From Plainville’

(From left) Michael Mosley as Joseph Cataldo and Elle Fanning as Michelle Carter are shown in a scene from "The Girl From Plainville."

You know I’m always going to sneak in some true crime drama whenever I can.

In this case, it’s a Hulu limited series based on the case of Conrad “Coco” Roy III (played by Colton Ryan), a teen who was tragically encouraged to end his life by Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning).

Knowing how it all turns out (if you followed the real-life headlines) doesn’t necessarily take away from the sad bizarreness of it all.

“The Girl From Plainville” is currently streaming.

Two things to listen to

Thomas Rhett poses with the Entertainer of the Year award during the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 16, 2020.

Thomas Rhett has decided to go big and not go home.

“Where We Started,” his new album, boasts 15 tracks and a guest appearance by Katy Perry.

“When she put her vocal on it, it took her, like, two weeks,” Rhett told Country Now of their collaboration. “She really put a lot of time and effort into this vocal. … This reminded me of how amazing a vocalist she is, and I feel like it really came to life.”

The new album drops Friday.

(From left) Anthony Kiedis and Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers perform during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards at LA's Staples Center on February 10, 2019.

Speaking of big albums…

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 12th album, “Unlimited Love,” is more than 70 minutes long, thanks to the 17 songs on it.

There are ballads and plenty of funky grooves. True fans will find a lot to love.

“Unlimited Love” releases Friday.

One thing to talk about

CNN+ streaming platform launched on March 29.

Time for a bit of shameless self-promotion.

CNN+ launched this week and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve been a guest on Brian Stelter’s daily Reliable Sources show — and the energy and pacing are fresh and fantastic.

With so much distinct CNN content to choose from on the new platform, I cosign my wonderful editor, Megan Thomas, who said it feels like a “choose your own adventure.”

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Something to sip on

Will Smith (right) slaps Chris Rock (left) onstage during the 94th  Academy Awards show at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, on March 27.
There doesn’t seem like there is much left to say about “the slap” at this year’s Academy Awards, but I’ll offer this: The whole thing felt less about Jada Pinkett Smith and more about Will Smith.
Yes, the beloved actor took to the stage to hit Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about Pinkett Smith’s shaved head (she suffers from alopecia), but in his tearful acceptance speech, when moments after the incident, Smith won his first Oscar, I saw more than a man defending his wife.
I saw the young boy Smith wrote about in his memoir who felt unable to protect his mother from an abusive relationship. And, in that, I think there is a lesson for us all in how if we don’t deal with our trauma, it could resurface and cause damage to others and ourselves.

That’s not an excuse or a pass, just a reminder that we all have stuff.

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