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I started reality blurred in the summer of 2000 to share links that I’d found, along with brief, frequently snarky summaries. The web was in its early days, and there were so few reality TV shows I could list them all in the sidebar.

Obviously, things have changed! As reality TV expanded beyond the ability of one person to even mention everything, my coverage has shifted to more in-depth reviews, interviews, and behind-the-scenes coverage.

But there’s still a lot of news. Thankfully, there’s now a vast media ecosystem that immediately and breathlessly covers most developments, and also covers reality TV stars as celebrities, generating tons of headlines.

There’s usually nothing for me to add, and I don’t need to add to the clutter, so even if I’ve read those stories, I don’t write about them. Of course, when I feel like I have something to say/add, I sometimes do analysis/complaining like this.

That said, I still miss sharing stories that I find interesting or insightful.

I also miss creating a sort of permanent record of reality TV’s evolution. As websites and news organizations purge old URLs and delete sites, I’m proud that all of the stories I’ve written over 22 years are still here, in the archives, for anyone to explore, along with all those original links.

That brings us to this list: a curated (i.e. not every single thing ever) list of links to news stories that I’ll frequently update throughout the month. How imaginative: the exact same thing I used to do! Sometimes even with light snark!

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April 2022 reality TV news

Shahs of Sunset cast member Mike Shouhed was arrested March 27 on charges of “intimate partner violence with injury.” [Page Six, 4.4.22]

Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage are getting a divorce. [People, 4.4.22]

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team appears to have been cancelled by CMT after 16 seasons. It premiered in 2006, and is now looking for a new home. [Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 4.1.22]

March 2002 reality TV news

Five of the six Bachelor franchise couples who are still together—in other words, the very rare exceptions—talked about “how they’ve made it work since meeting on set.” [New York Times, 3.31.22]

“Adderall is everywhere on [Bravo] shows” [Gawker, 3.31.22]

Todrick Hall didn’t actually apologize for his Big Brother behavior, but said that thing about being sorry if anyone was “offended,” and also weirdly disassociated himself from his own words: “I wish that the personal statements wouldn’t have been said. I wish I wouldn’t have crossed into a personal level. But I don’t regret being on the show and I’ve learned a lot from it.” [Entertainment Tonight, 3.24.22]

Love is Blind was renewed for three more seasons, and Netflix will now have what it calls “a year-round reality romance slate.” [Netflix, 3.24.22]

Megan Thee Stallion will be profiled in a new documentary series. [The Hollywood Reporter, 3.24.22]

In Matt James’ book, First Impressions: Off Screen Conversations with a Bachelor on Race, Family, and Forgiveness, he explains what he thought when he saw the picture of Rachel at a plantation-themed party: “I knew the woman I’d chosen to be with. Celebrity gossip, no matter how sensitive, wouldn’t shape my opinion of her.” [Cosmopolitan, 3.23.22]

No one wants to buy/air Colton Underwood’s wedding. [Radar, 3.22.22] Colton now says he wants to keep his life private. Sure, Jan. [Entertainment Tonight, 3.23.22]

Kaitlyn Bristowe said she learned she wasn’t hosting The Bachelorette when she watched The Bachelor’s finale. [Us Weekly, 3.22.22]

Hot Haus, a streaming show that “follows a group of queer sex-positive performers and content creators as they compete for the title of Queer Sex Symbol and a cash prize,” is casting for season two.

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown will have his own daytime talk show next year, EPed by Maury Povich’s executive producer. [Broadcasting & Cable, 3.14.22]


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