Are They Duggar Family Members? | #gossip | #entertainment

It’s been a wild ride for reality TV families in recent years. The Gosselin family imploded in front of millions of people. The Kardashians had the world watch their families unravel, and the Duggar family has dealt with two separate sexual abuse scandals. It would stand to reason that, at some point, a family member is going to spill. DeuxMoi, the famed gossip source, posted a blind item indicating two members of a reality TV family are ready to spill the tea. More than one family could have a future whistleblower, but we think the blind item is about a Duggar family tell-all.

A blind item posted on DeuxMoi suggests two reality TV family rebels are going to pen a tell-all book 

Famed gossip account, DeuxMoi has a hot take on a future tell-all book. On June 3, the anonymous gossip columnist posted a blind item to their Instagram Stories. The item suggested two former reality TV stars are ready to write a tell-all book about their experiences. 


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