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Matthew Turner thrives in mess. And this is nothing against his house cleanliness or personal hygiene. But each of the thrift store owner’s three times in power corresponded with some of the biggest moves of the season, with Turner left holding the key. Despite the chaos, Turner remained loyal to a select few “bros,” most prominently Monte Taylor. And ultimately, it was by his closest ally’s hand that Turner’s game ended, taking up the last seat on this season’s jury.

True to the van life he had recently lived, Turner walked into the house ready to chill, bro down, and generally go with the flow. But things started far from steady when Turner’s closest ally Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli was blindsided, leaving him on the outs. Turner proved, though, he had a fire to make “fire,” as he won Head of Household that same night. During his first of three tenures as HoH, he became part of the guys “Pound” alliance, which then developed into the “Leftovers” with the other outsiders. And with a new wind in his sails, Turner put into place the backdoor of power player Ameerah Jones, while also making a public statement against the mistreatment of Taylor Hale. He left the week in a much better position than when he entered it, ready to gobble down any enemies or muffins in his path.

Turner’s first HoH reign is a good representation of his time in power: Making some of the biggest moves of the season, but on behalf of others. By the time his second stint came around, he was ready to leave the Leftovers behind in favor of a pact with the showmance Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider. But after Kyle’s previous race-based comments were aired, he was pressured to backdoor and evict his closest ally. Looking for a new number one, he bro’d down one last time with Monte. Working together to swiftly get rid of Michael Bruner in the double eviction, Monte kept Turner safe through to finale night. When Monte won the final HoH, Turner thought he’d be “bussin'” through to the final two chairs. But this time it was Turner’s turn to get bamboozled, as Monte cut him, believing he was the bigger threat to take to the end.

Hours after the finale, Taylor talks with about why he was the sole jury vote for Monte, why he chose to get rid of Alyssa over Taylor, and how he responds to the comments about his strategy not being active.

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