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It’s no secret that Indians across the globe love Bollywood. They have been living, eating and breathing movies through cinema halls, TV and now social media. Bringing celebrity lifestyle up close and personal to millions of screens through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, is what Bollywood Bliss has made possible over the years.

There is never a dull moment in tinsel town and in the feeds of Bollywood Bliss’s followers.

Team Bollywood Bliss works round-the-clock, 24×7 365 days a year. Whether it’s a red carpet event unfolding with beauties parading down in their unspeakably expensive designer wear or celebrities rushing through the gates of T2 at the Mumbai International Airport to catch a flight – no movement ever flies under Bollywood Bliss’s radar. “Our 3 million-plus followers across social media want to know what stars are doing in real-time, without any filters.” Team Bollywood Bliss plans to add and scale YouTube presence to their social repertoire very soon.

Who doesn’t love knowing which celebrity is dating whom? Or where a certain actress goes gymming and who her trainer is? And why certain restaurants are a favourite in the Page 3 circuit?

Millennials and Gen Z want to know everything about the celebrity life, not just their movies – what beauty products they use, which salons they go to, who styles them or how they train before a dance performance. “The concept of fandom and audience tastes have changed, and this reflects in the kind of news and entertainment audiences want to consume.”

Celebrity News and updates can bring about a great respite in the midst of a heavily charged political news cycle or even having a low day. “Open your Instagram feed and you get to check out which handbag Nora Fatehi carried, where Kareena stepped out in Bandra, which car Ranveer Singh bought on his birthday or which movie you can catch up on this weekend. As they say, Bollywood never has a slow day and neither does Bollywood Bliss”, the team signs off.


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