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JENNA MALONE CHASES MAN WHO ABUSED DOG: Jenna Malone was shown in a news segment on NBC 4 Los Angeles Tuesday (April 5th) about a group of strangers who chased down and beat up a man who they witnessed physically abusing a small dog.  The Hunger Games actress told the outlet, “I pulled over and started chasing him because that’s absolutely not okay.” Malone did not aid the men who beat up the unidentified abuse who said they were “conducting a citizen’s arrest.”

KARLIE KLOSS TEARS UP DISCUSSING HER SON: Karlie Kloss got choked up discussing her bond with son Levi on Today Wednesday (April 6th).  The model’s voice cracked as she told Hoda Kotb, “I just had this moment of like ‘Wow, every woman who has a child, every parent goes through this.  It’s just the most profound experience that I had no idea until having a kid.”  The Kode With Klossy founder and husband Joshua Kushner welcomed their son in 2021. 

SHANA BURGESS SAYS HER SON ALREADY TAKS AFTER DAD: Shana Burgess says that even though he hasn’t been born yet, her baby boy already takes after his dad, Brian Austin Green.  She said in an Instagram story on Tuesday (April 5th), “So every time I try and film this belly moving, this boy moving, right, he stops. He’s completely camera shy. Absolutely does not take after his mother. Definitely takes after his dad.” The little guy is due around July 4th. 

JESSE JAMES ENGAGED TO FORMER PORN STAR: Jesse James is engaged to former porn star Bonnie Rotten.  The former film star made the announcement on Instagram Wednesday (April 5th), writing, “I knew the moment I met you I wanted to spend every single day with you. The way you love me and my little one was all I ever dreamed of.” The will be the Monster Garage host’s fifth walk down the aisle.  His most famous marriage was to Sandra Bullock from 2005 to 2010.  


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