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The world of Indian television has seen a remarkable and enticing turn with the launch of new-age TV shows that have brought back some iconic actors to our homes. One star who shines bright in this list is Karan Wahi, whose return to ITV with Channa Mereya continues to woo fans worldwide. From trending on Twitter every morning to reigning in the TOP 10 shows on Indian TV charts, Channa Mereya has been doing it all. The show turned heads with its crisp and enticing ads focussed on two complete opposites —  a rich guy with no time for sentiments and a poor girl whose life is set on principles of love, trust and family —  and their journey of coming together. And well, there are far too many reasons that make Channa Mereya a must-watch on ITV. Channa Mereya Episode Review: Karan Wahi-Niyati Fatnani As Aditya and Ginny Light Up the Screen With Their ‘Sweet and Passionate Romance’ (View Pics & Videos).

1. Karan Wahi

If there is one thing 90s kids remember,  it is the sheer adoration we felt for this goofy actor who played a middle-class boy in a school for rich kids and created a niche for himself. Karan Wahi has built a fan base as strong as all his abs since his first appearance in Remix. After several stints in Bollywood and trying his hand on various reality shows, Channa Mereya marks the comeback of Karan Wahi to the world of TV and boy, is it a good start! There is no question that the number one reason to watch Channa Mereya is Wahi and all his shades of acting. From the anger that captivates the screen in action sequences or the emotional scenes where he faces vulnerability, Channa Mereya is a Karan Wahi show through and through. Channa Mereya: Aditya and Ginny Recreate Famous ‘Spaghetti Scene’ Minus the Kiss, Fans in Love With Karan Wahi and Niyati Fatnani’s Cute Chemistry (View Pics & Videos).

New Highlight for Channa Mereya


2. Enemies to Lovers Trope

Love it, hate it, but you cannot ignore Channa Mereya. But what makes it work is sticking to the classics of an enemies-to-lovers trope. Channa Mereya begins by showing extreme emotions of both Karan Wahi as Aditya and Niyati Fatnani as Ginni. Their differences are as stark as they can be, and this is what makes the progression of their story that much more enjoyable.

Channa Mereya Highlight – Ginni Aur Aditya Aaye Kareeb

3. The Strong Female Characters

In a world where female characters are often coloured in one colour, Channa Mereya is a delight to watch as each character brings shades of various colours to it. Whether it is the female lead,  Ginni,  who is more competent than her brother and single-handedly manages their family Dhaba as well as the financial responsibility of the family; her mother, who is very competent with helping the money management and oversees the business or Aditya’s step-mom Supreet (played by Vishavpreet Kaur), who begins as a typical villain and transforms into this actually supportive human who is stuck in a messy relationship.

4. The Distinction Between Anger and Violence

One thing that is clear in Channa Mereya is that it is an intense show. From the first episode, the show has been very comfortable showing intense relationships. And this is the reason that anger is often called up in this show. From Aditya’s self-harm practices to get out his frustration to entering into fights merely to get exhausted, the show has various examples to establish Aditya as this angry young man. However, refreshingly so, the show captures the stark difference between violence and anger through Aditya’s character. While he is quick to lash out at himself, when it comes to others, including Ginni,  he is quick to use words and communication rather than violence. The show also captures the stark contrast by capturing Aditya’s father Amber (Played by Shakti Anand) as an abusive husband.

Channa Mereya Stills From The Show (Photo Credit: YouTube)

5. The Possibility of a Male Villain Over a Vamp

Speaking of Amber Raj Singh —  Aditiya’s father — Channa Mereya holds a huge win over various other shows. In a world of Indian TV where women are often shown to don the role of a “vamp”, supported by some male characters for balance, the main villain of Channa Mereya being a man is truly refreshing. Aditya’s father, Amber (played by Shakti Anand), is shown to don various negative traits with hardly any redeeming factors and continues to plan and plot against the lead to suit his convenience in life.

Channa Mereya airs on Star Bharat from Monday to Saturday.

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