Chris Evans Caught Henry Cavill Stuffing His Face With Girl Scout Cookies at the Oscars, Fans Scream ‘This is hit meme material’ | #oscars | #academywards

Throwback to the 2016 Academy Awards, it was evident that award ceremonies can get lengthy to an extent that makes everyone feel rather hungry. The food is only served after the event is over and nothing proved to be a bigger savior than girl scout cookies sold by Chris Rock and his daughters.

Be it a superhero from a different planet or the man who protects the night skies, everyone got their fair share of cookies and they made sure to eat their hearts out with the same.

Celebrities Find Home In Thin Mints

The celebrities took it upon themselves to find the lovely flavors offered and try them all or pick out their favorites and stick with those. What’s better than attending the Oscars and eating a box of cookies while there?

With the ever stretching Oscars, Morgan Freeman did not hesitate to simply grab his boxes and leave without a thought towards the speeches. Everyone has priorities and we cannot complain that he found them in girl scout cookies.

While Freeman just went away with his stock, Oliva Munn instead chose to grab as many boxes as she could to later enjoy the delicious goods all by herself. Going out of her way towards the sellers present, Chris Rock made his investment with her.

Batman himself was seen gulping down the cookies as Christian Bale attended the Academy Awards and helped himself to a box of the delicacies that Rock’s daughters were selling. Bruce Wayne may be on and about protecting Gotham, but Bale can sit back and enjoy the cookies.

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The Famous Encounter Of Chris Evans And Henry Cavill

A video that had surfaced and became viral during that time was of Chris Evans turning back to find Henry Cavill stuff the cookies in his mouth because of how hungry he was and they had started to laugh about the amusing interaction.

The Captain America: Civil War actor had randomly turned around and spotted the Man of Steel actor enjoying his snack but, was caught off guard when he saw Evans look bemused by it.

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Other Actors Enjoying The Oscars Treats

Actors such as Michael Keaton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon also took part in filling their own starving stomachs with the cookies. Chris Rock had initially stated that his daughters were always defeated by others in sales so the celebrities took it upon themselves for that to not be the case during the 2016 Academy Awards.

Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars

It is safe to say that indeed then his daughters won and by a lot. The collective initiative proved to be a win – win situation for both the celebrities and Chris Rock as their hunger was satisfied and so was his daughters’ goals.

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