Chris Evans Recalls “Nerve-wracking” Experience Getting Mobbed By Fans | #gossip | #entertainment

And, well, it sounds like they kept true to their word when the Marvel actor headed back home.  

“A couple days later, we left Korea. I get back to the airport and, as I’m walking in, there was a van behind us,” Chris said. “Out of this van steps 25 to 30 giant, giant Korean men all wearing suits and then they stand in a circle around me, holding hands, and they’re walking me into the airport.” 

Chris then stood up, mimicking the way the men held hands around him as they carefully led him through the airport.

The only catch? “Not one fan showed up,” he hilariously revealed. “Nobody! I was all by myself walking. I was just like, ‘Oh my god.'”  

The actor explained that he tried to tell the bodyguards that he was alright, but they still led him “through security and into the gate” regardless.

He jokingly added, “They had a mission!”


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