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Torrington native Duncan “Dick” Ebersol changed the face of television, being credited as a driving force behind programs like “Saturday Night Live” “Sunday Night Football.” Ebersol, while president of NBC Sports, acquired the rights to have the network be the first ever to host the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and Summer Olympics in the same year.

Ebersol recently immortalized his four-decade career in television with the release of his autobiography, “From Saturday Night to Sunday Night: My Forty Years of Laughter, Tears, and Touchdowns in TV.” The book, which released last week, goes into the career of Ebersol as he created a media empire that still stands tall today. Ebersol’s “Sunday Night Football” still remains the number one Primetime series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The book contains stories from all corners of Ebersol’s life as well as commentary on the evolution of cable TV. Ebersol also tells stories featuring some of his famous friends including Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Jay Leno and Peyton Manning. 

“I’d loved everything about sports for as long as I could remember, and my job took me to stadiums, ballparks, arenas, racetracks, and golf courses across the globe,” read an excerpt from the book. “At one point in the nineties, when President Bill Clinton had said to me, very sincerely, ‘You have the best job in the world,’ it was hard for me to argue with him.”

“From Saturday Night to Sunday Night: My Forty Years of Laughter, Tears, and Touchdowns in TV” also delves into the impact that losing Ebersol’s son had on him. Edward “Teddy” Ebersol was killed in a plane crash in 2004 in the southwestern Colorado community of Montrose. Dick Ebersol and Teddy’s older brother Charles survived the crash. Teddy Ebersol was 14 and a student of the The Gunnery (now-The Frederick Gunn School) in Washington, Conn.

“I am a lucky, lucky guy. Through my career, I met this unbelievable woman who after 40 years of being married is still the centerpiece of my life. We have great kids,” Ebersol said in an interview with the Washington Post. “We had one horrible, dark tragic day in our lives, but Teddy still lives in our hearts.”


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