Daniel Craig Knew He Would Prove His ‘James Bond’ Doubters Wrong With ‘Casino Royale’ | #oscars | #academywards

Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond started with doubt. Doubt and casting backlash from fans who didn’t think he was up to the task of playing a superspy. His own doubt that producers were serious about recasting the role and making him 007. All that doubt — internal and external — almost led to Craig declining the role. The doubters weighed in early, and Craig was determined to prove them wrong. And he knew he would. Before the first visit with Q, before the first car chase, before the first time he said, “Bond. James Bond,” on film, Craig knew he would prove his James Bond doubters wrong.

Daniel Craig promoting ‘Casino Royale’ in 2006 | Pierre-Philippe Marcou /AFP via Getty Images

Craig knew he would prove his ‘James Bond’ doubters wrong with a successful run

Becoming James Bond was a process for Craig.


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