Dave Hughes: Hughesy reveals he clashed with Spice Girl Mel B | #entertainment | #news

Dave Hughes has opened up a tense encounter with Spice Girl Mel B.

Speaking to news.com.au’s podcast, I’ve Got News For You, Hughesy said he clashed with Scary Spice during their first meeting for the most recent season of The Masked Singer.

“Mel B told me to f**k off in our first meeting,” the comedian said. “We were talking about the show and I’m like, ‘let’s just keep it all under wraps and just play out as it goes long,’ and she basically told me to f**k off.”

Hughesy said he viewed Mel’s comment as a positive.

“For me, that was the moment where I thought we can be friends because she already feels comfortable enough to tell me to f**k off,” he said.

The comedian said that he ended up spending a lot of time with Mel B when she was in Australia for the Channel 10 show, adding that they developed a brother/sister relationship.

“She actually took my wife and my two daughters to see Hamilton one night with her two daughters,” Hughesy said on I’ve Got News For You.

“My wife got home and she was so happy … she said it was one of the top 10 nights of her life!”

The Masked Singer was the latest in a long line of TV shows that Hughesy has appeared in during his career.

When asked to pick his favourite show that he’s featured on, Hughesy diplomatically answered: “I can’t pick one, they’re all good fun.”

But when asked which TV show he least enjoyed appearing on, Hughesy answered: “The one that I probably copped the most flak for would be the The AFL Footy Show.”

The comedian appeared on the Channel 9 show from 2015 to 2017 before he left to host Hughesy, We Have A Problem on Channel 10, and said he struggled with the negative feedback he received from some viewers.

“I’d do a joke about some footy team and every supporter of that team would hate me for the rest of their lives,” he said. “I’m like, I’m doing jokes, guys!”

Hughesy can currently be heard on the Hughesy, Ed & Erin Show from 6-9am weekdays on 104.1 2Day FM or via LiSTNR.


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