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Whether you are a resolute New Year’s Resolution breaker, you are looking for a January pick-me-up or you would simply like to start the new year practicing and improving your self-development skills, help is at hand with the launch of leading high-performance coach Denis Liam Murphy’s first book, The Blame Game: How to Recover from the World’s Oldest Addiction.

The Blame Game: How to Recover from the World’s Oldest Addiction (AED 118.82) is the first book to be written in a way that doesn’t unconsciously instill blame, victimhood, and fear into the reader. After thousands of hours coaching clients and fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience, Denis formulated the New Murphy’s Law and reveals the secrets to recovering from “the blame addiction” we all suffer from.

Denis believes that life is designed to be effortless, even when it doesn’t seem it and that a deep sense of confidence, freedom and serenity is attainable regardless of your situation. In order to achieve this, all you need to do is address ONE habit – one that you didn’t know you had. Anxiety, depression, anger, shame and guilt are all symptoms of blame addiction and can be solved via the ‘Blame Recovery Process’. Within 30 days, your mental health will improve, your physical performance will be enhanced, your energy levels will increase and ultimately, your life will change.

From the very first chapter of The Blame Game, readers will not only start to release years of built-up frustration, resentment, and sadness, they will begin to find out who they honestly are and find out what their true purpose is.

  • Some of the points the book explores includes:

•    The New Murphy’s Law – “anything you think has gone wrong is here to help you discover who you honestly are”.

•    Murphy’s hypothesis that the more self-honest we are, the less we blame and the effortless and painless life becomes.

•    What radical self-honesty is and how it will free you from a victim cycle you didn’t know you were in.

•    How blame has become an addiction for people so they can hide their mental and emotional pain (the blame addiction is behind all the conflict and abuse we may experience).

•    What the Butterfly Effect is (helps explain how we pass the blame addiction on to other generations and don’t realise we are doing so).

•    What the Victim cycle is; and,

•    What the Self-Healing Cycle is.

Author Denis Liam Murphy is a high-performance coach, visionary thinker, and founding partner of RoundTable Global, an internationally recognised learning and development company that helps create high-performance leaders and corporate cultural change. He is also the founding partner of BeyondBamboo, a company offering planet conscious products, procurement, and consultancy services to individuals and organisations all over the world.

Murphy offers a truly unique and unparalleled personal development and healing experience by specialising in helping people recover from a blame addiction they didn’t know they had. To do this, he combines over fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience with extensive worldwide travel and cultural exposure. After thousands of hours working with clients, Murphy has gained an in-depth knowledge of human behaviour, healing and energy medicine to help people reach new levels of honesty, happiness, success, and optimal performance in timeframes that are often considered impossible.




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