Early Columbus residents had variety of options to unwind | #gossip | #entertainment

As a created capital city in 1812, Columbus was an isolated frontier village for much of its early history.

By the time the Ohio General Assembly met in Columbus for the first time in 1816, the village consisted of about 700 residents.

Some of the new people were settlers looking for a new life, among them doctors, lawyers and sellers of goods and services. But the primary businesses in the new town seem to have been inns and taverns.

An earlier history of the city described the drinking habits of the town.

“The use of distilled liquors was very common, and every tavern had its licensed bar. The guest was usually invited by his host to one gratuitous dram in the evening and one in the morning; whatever additional fluid refreshments he consumed, he paid for. ‘Tanzy Bitters’ were freely imbibed as a supposed preventive of prevailing fevers. The habit of treating was common, and at the Russell Tavern, it was a rule with the loungers who used to sit on the sidewalk benches in front, that the first one to rise should treat the rest.”


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