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Tech vlogger Elly Awesome rates this new state of the art TV – but it comes at a truly eye-watering cost.

LG has just launched an impressive array of TV and audio products for 2022. For real – 42 new TVs and six sound bars! I’ve had some early access hands-on time with a bunch of their latest TVs and I must say there are some fantastic 2022 models.

If you’re in the market for a new TV and have been doing your research you’ll likely know that LG are the leaders in OLED technology, which is arguably one of the best kinds of display technology you can get.

In the most simple terms, many other types of TVs require a light source behind the display panel, to aid in producing an image. Whereas OLED’s pixels themselves produce light. On a micro level this, in turn, creates more true blacks and brighter whites, which offers exceptional picture quality.

Additionally, OLED panels are able to be made to be exceptionally thin and lightweight while offering impressive refresh rates, energy efficiency and high colour accuracy.

It’s safe to say OLED is not just a buzzword – they’re pretty easy to get sold on because they’re really quite awesome.

With that being said, LG offers a range of different TV panels – not just OLED. In fact, as you might guess, OLED is the most expensive style of TV that LG produces.

This is why LG has released such a ludicrous array of styles and sizes, so hopefully there’s something to suit everyone.

The more budget LG TVs are the UHD models priced around $2000 for a 55-inch, then you’ve got QNED Mini LED TV’s for around the $3000 mark in similar or larger sizes.

QNED is LG’s premium LED range with Quantum Dot and NanoCell tech, which I (of course) preferred as they have excellent all-round performance with colours that pop, fast refresh rates and HDMI 2.1 – great for gamers or movie lovers.

Personally, I’m most excited about their new 42-inch C2 OLED which has the potential to be either a TV, computer monitor or both! It’s pricey, around $3000, but it’s 4K resolution with an incredibly thin design, has HDMI 2.1, a 120Hz refresh rate, LG’s a9 Gen 5 AI Processor, and streaming service apps and smart assistants built-in.

This is great for people who might be working and playing out of a smaller space. Sizes in the C2 range go up to 83-inches and they also just launched a whopping 97-inch C2 TV. And if you want the ultimate high end OLEDs in LG’s range check out the OLED G2 range – though you must know the price range rockets above the others.

Speaking of price, I also saw LG’s Lifestyle range in the flesh. The price tags for these TVs are astronomical but they are insanely awesome.

It included the 65-inch LG ART90 Lifestyle TV which has an insanely unique form factor – a fabric cover designed by Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat. The cover can be lowered up or down to reveal the entire TV or just leave about one fifth of the TV to display things like the time. I could see this fitting beautifully in a carefully curated, interior decorated space. I love seeing innovative artful tech like this, though unfortunately I’ll likely never own one as it’s $17,999.

And what’s most impressive, LG has created a TV called the LG Signature R1 OLED Rollable TV – a missed opportunity here to be named the ROLED.

It’s an insane, first of its kind, luxury TV that is made to order and retails for – get this – $130,000. Sorry readers, it’s not made for the majority of us. But I gotta say it was incredible to see and bodes well for the future of display technology.

The quality of the display was as good as the high-end non-rollables too (which you’d hope for that price) and yet it was wafer thin. It literally rolls in and out of a rectangular base that houses an impressive speaker system.

I love that you could hide your TV, offering versatile placement options in your home. Oh to be 130-grand-TV-rich.

All of these TVs are starting to roll out now and through June so keep a look out for the latest models in stores.

Elly Awesome is an Aussie tech and lifestyle vlogger. | @ellyawwesome | YouTube


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