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“The CW Cancels both ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Batwoman’ Showrunners Respond”

The showrunners for both Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow have resorted to social media to express their displeasure with the cancellations.

Caroline Dries, the showrunner, expressed her disappointment in a tweet shortly after The CW cancelled Batwoman, but expressed gratitude for the opportunity to create the show in the first place.

Dries remarked, “I just heard the awful news that Batwoman will not be getting an S4.” “I’m disappointed, but grateful.” It’s an honour to be a part of 51 episodes. This series was made possible by the contributions of so many remarkable and intelligent people. Thank you to the cast and crew, as well as the producers. Thank you so much, fans! “We adore you.”

Legends of Tomorrow’s showrunner, Keto Shimizu also revealed:

Legends of Tomorrow’s showrunner, Keto Shimizu, also revealed that the programme would not be renewed for an eighth season on The CW. He said the show’s creators were “heartbroken,” but they were also “very appreciative” for the opportunity to work on it.

“All right, folks. It’s been a fantastic run. The CW, on the other hand, has confirmed that there will be no season 8 of Legends of Tomorrow.” Shimizu stated. “We are heartbroken, but appreciative beyond words for the incredible work our cast, crew, and writers put in on the little show that could.” Thank you to our fans; your support and enthusiasm for our odd band of misfits has made every break, every screenplay, every daily, every cut, and every mix worthwhile. We see you, we adore you, and you’ll never be forgotten on the Waverider.”

Other details

Both Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow were a bit of a surprise, given The CW’s commitment to its massive superhero lineup. Instead, the channel is left with a small number of running shows, with more in the works, including Greg Berlanti’s planned Gotham Knights series.


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