Ewan McGregor confirms wife Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been cast in Star Wars series | #entertainment | #news

Ewan McGregor has revealed that his wife – the actor Mary Elizabeth Winstead – will appear in the upcoming Star Wars franchise television series Ahsoka.

McGregor will also be reprising his own role as Obi-Wan Kenobi, who he first played in 1999’s Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, in another new series set 10 years after that film ended. McGregor is also an executive producer on Obi-Wan Kenobi, which premieres on 27 May on Disney Plus.

But in a new interview withVanity Fair, McGregor let slip that he was no longer the only member of his family to be part of the Star Wars franchise.

“My partner, Mary, is doing that Star Wars series with Rosario [Dawson] and she’s about to start,” he said.

That programme, a spin-off of The Mandalorian, is due to be released summer 2023. Dawson plays the titular Ahsoka, a former apprentice of Anakin Skywalker. Hayden Christensen, who played Anakin alongside McGregor in Episode I, will also feature.

No details have yet been released about Winstead’s character, nor has the actor commented herself.

In the interview, McGregor seemed not to realise that he’d broken big casting news.

 “Our little boy has been born into this massive Star Wars family,” said McGregor, whose first child with Winstead turns one this summer.

“He will either embrace it or really go the other way. I don’t know. Maybe he’ll be a Trekkie!”


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