Fitzy & Wippa host disastrous interview with Jared Leto | #entertainment | #news

Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa were supposed to interview US actor Jared Leto about his new movie – but the five-minute chat went in a truly bizarre direction.

When you secure a five-minute interview with an actor, usually it’s impossible to talk about anything other than the film they’re promoting.

But Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa had the opposite problem when they had Jared Leto on their show to talk about his latest blockbuster, Morbius.

The Sydney radio duo didn’t manage to get a single question in about the movie, instead, Leto harped on about Wippa’s physical appearance for the entirety of the chat, speaking in detail about his “strong jaw” and “good look” before encouraging him to take his shirt off.

The disastrous chat kicked off when Wippa complimented Leto on having the “best hair in the business”, with Leto turning his attention to Fitzy’s “beautiful” bald head before launching into a spiel about how his grandfather lost his hair in his early 20s.

“So I always thought that I would be bald by now,” Leto, 50, said. “I was surprised that I didn’t go bald. But my grandfather, he shaved it bald. And he was great. He had no problems.”

Leto then encouraged Wippa – who earlier revealed he was taking hair medication Propecia before switching to minoxidil – to give up on hair growth supplements and shave his head.

“I’m telling you right now I’m a good judge of this like, look to the side a little bit, let me see just the side,” Leto asked Wippa. “You have a good look. You have a strong jaw, you’ve got strong eyebrows. You shave that bald man, you might be giving your man [Fitzy] a little competition there.”

Wippa proceeded to open up about the horror side effects of minoxidil, saying it caused the hair on his back to grow, before Fitzy urged him to strip off and show Leto his back hair. “He’s turned into Morbius!” Fitzy added of Leto’s hairy character.

Wippa obliged, taking off his T-shirt before asking, “I give you [Leto] one compliment about your hair … Why am I standing here with my shirt off?”

Unsatisfied, Leto encouraged Wippa to twirl so he could see his body hair in all its glory.

“Turn around I thought we were looking at the back … Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I see what they’re talking about,” Leto observed. “I did hear that they sometimes, for a transplant, they’ll take it off your nipple and your chest. You could have hair down to your lower forehead.

“I tell you what, if you shave that, I’d love to call back and witness this. Yeah, I would love to witness, just to watch it, and it would probably go viral, if you shave that thing bald on the air.”

Leto went another step further, saying he would come to Australia to shave it himself.

Leto said: “I’ll shave the hair, [but] I call it at back hair. I can’t do back. But we can bring a team of people because it looks like you probably need it. And I’ll give them direction.”

At that point, without having yet asked a single question, Fitzy and Wippa were getting notified their interview timeslot had come to an end.

“We just got the wind-up from film production, and we haven’t even spoken about the film,” Wippa said.

“It was my absolute pleasure and I look forward to seeing you guys in person,” Leto said. “The only person hairier than Morbius is you [Wippa].”

Given we learned nothing about the movie from the chat, Marvel’s Morbius stars Leto as the titular character – who is a biochemist turned vampire.

The film comes out April 1.


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