GOSSIP ALERT! This television actress forces her daughter to be a part of the young TV stars’ troupe | #gossip | #entertainment

MUMBAI: TellyChakkar is back with yet another update from the telly world. 

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Craving some hot and spicy gossip from the Television world? Well, here we are with just that. Our entertainment industry is infamous for its ‘dark secrets’ and living life in the blinds. Many renowned personalities hire and put forth their best PR activities to show the best side of them and we as the viewers, admirers, or the fans, however, we want to perceive it, go in awe of how they maintain themselves, live a healthy life and abide by the phrase ‘early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. 

However, there are some deeper secrets which we are sure pinche their conscience too. 

Today our Khabri, under the honey’s hat which has an eye on everything (yes EVERYTHING!) brings to you the hottest gossip of Telly town. 

Well, this television celebrity who recently went under a massive transformation has been much in buzz with her daughter. But we have been seeing that she has not only forced her to enter the clan but trying to make her look all glam, the recent pictures of the daughter in the bikini don’t look glamorous but instead forced her to look all sensuous. She is practically trying to make her daughter look older than her age. 

Disclaimer: Any content appearing under the Gossip Section is purely gossip. Although TellyChakkar takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information is correct, we do not accept any liability for errors or inaccuracies. 

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