Grand Designs fans dub £1.4m home ‘horrible’ and claim it looks like an ‘ugly German supermarket’ | #entertainment | #news

GRAND Designs fans were left in shock on Wednesday night as a huge £1.4million build was unveiled – as they dubbed it “horrible”.

Former medical technology CEO turned farmer Mike and his shepherdess wife Sarah had planned to create a 21st century longhouse in Derbyshire for their whole family.


Mike and Sarah spent £1.4million building their dream homeCredit: CHANNEL 4
Fans compared it to a "supermarket" and "warehouse"


Fans compared it to a “supermarket” and “warehouse”Credit: CHANNEL 4

The parents planned to make space – with over 500 square metres of building – for their elderly parents and two grown-up daughters.

The couple revealed they had a mammoth budget to spend on their new home, after purchasing the 18 acres of farm land for £250,000.

Sarah and Mike sat down with host Kevin McCloud as they revealed they were willing to spend £945,000 on their dream home.

The pair went on to leave Kevin, 63, in a stunned silence as they revealed they went more than £275,000 over budget.

Fans of the designs show had high hopes for the final product thanks to the huge budget – and promises of a custom-made 30 tonne steel structure and matching hand-crafted roof.

However, they were left disappointed as Kevin revealed the finished build – as they slammed it as “horrific” and “ugly”.

Many joked that the huge expensive building looked like a “German supermarket” as well as an “Amazon warehouse”.

One said: “New Amazon warehouse put up in the countryside,” as a second chimed in: “There’s a German supermarket vibe about it.”

“That truly is horrid,” a third wrote, while a fourth added: “Surely someone told these Grand Designs people their house looks like a primary school or a conference centre? Yuck.”

“It’s an absolute monstrosity, I have seen better looking supermarkets,” a fifth joked.

While a sixth concluded: “Not loving the look at all… Like a cross between a primary school and a health centre.”

It comes after Grand Designs fans were left open-mouthed after watching a couple tear down an £800,000 home – to save money.

Davi and Matt purchased the pretty bungalow in Hertfordshire as a project but decided to flatten it and start again.

The pair had visions of building an ‘Australian and Zimbabwean inspired’ house to reflect their nationalities and felt it would be cheaper to begin from scratch and knock it down.

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Taking to Twitter, one shocked Grand Designs viewer sarcastically wrote: “It makes economic sense to destroy an £800,000 house. Of course it does.”

Another chimed in: “They just knocked down a 800k house…they’ve got money to burn,” as a third said: “£800k house and they’ve just torn it down.”

Kevin was left shocked at the mammoth budget for the house


Kevin was left shocked at the mammoth budget for the houseCredit: CHANNEL 4


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