Hamish Blake reveals he ‘bothered’ Scott Cam on Lego Masters special | #entertainment | #news

Hamish Blake has opened up about filming a special with a beloved Aussie media personality, admitting the TV star was “bothered” by his antics.

It was a case of role reversal for The Block host Scott Cam when he appeared as a contestant on Lego Masters last year.

The carpenter and beloved host of Channel 9’s biggest building competition joined the network’s smallest building competition for a Christmas special last year — swapping actual bricks for Lego bricks.

But the veteran TV personality didn’t take to being on the other side of the fence too easily — with Lego Masters host Hamish Blake revealing Cam seemed “bothered” by interruptions as he went about the tasks of the two-episode special.

Speaking to host of news.com.au’s I’ve Got News For You podcast Andrew Bucklow, Blake revealed Cam “really got into” the challenge, but seemed perturbed every time Blake approached him to chat about his designs.

“To have Scott Cam, who’s like the quintessential Australian TV host, on your show as a contestant is just funny in itself because he’s just sort of like ‘I don’t really like being a contestant, I prefer hosting’,” Blake began with a laugh.

“Part of the show is you’ve got to go round and visit people and see what they’re up to and get their thoughts and feelings on what they’re building.

“Scotty, who should know this (because) that’s The Block, you visit people, you talk to them, you get inside their creative process, I just loved that sometimes when I would go up to his desk he was a bit bothered by me being there.

“He was just lost in building … I love that we were slightly disturbing him as he was playing Lego,” he added.

Cam was one of four celebrities paired up with former Lego Masters contestants to build Christmas-themed creations on the Bricksmas special. He was joined by Love Island Australia host Sophie Monk, Today show entertainment editor Brooke Boney and radio host Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli.

Cam, who was partnered with Season 2 contestant Jay, told 9Now after the episode was filmed that despite his extensive building experience, he was “out of his comfort zone” in the Lego Masters warehouse.

“I wasn’t telling anyone what to do or wasn’t in charge, I was cap-in-hand up the back as a contestant. It was very much not my norm,” he said.

While he was certainly passionate about his creations, Cam was no match for Brooke Boney, who was ultimately crowned the winner.

The fourth season of Lego Masters Australia kicks off on Monday, April 18 at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.


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