How Meryl Streep Inspired Joyce In Stranger Things | #oscars | #academywards

It takes a tough woman to inspire another, and that is the case for Joyce Byers in “Stranger Things.” Her frazzled hairstyle was taken straight from Meryl Streep in the 1983 film “Silkwood,” where Streep portrays chemical technician Karen Silkwood. Directed by “The Graduate” helmer Mike Nichols, the film follows Silkwood as she attempts to expose information regarding unsafe work conditions at her power plant, only to have her efforts be silenced. The biopic drama would go on to be nominated for five Academy Awards, including one for Streep for best lead actress. Just as Streep plays a strong individual dead set on uncovering the truth, so does Ryder in “Stranger Things,” as Joyce aids in uncovering the hidden world of the Upside Down in her desperate attempt to save her son. Joyce’s character and Ryder’s performance had other inspirations as well, including Richard Dreyfuss in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Ellen Burstyn in “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” 

This also isn’t the end of the Winona Ryder and Meryl Streep connections in “Stranger Things.” In an interview with E! News, Ryder, who starred alongside Streep in the 1993 film “The House of the Spirits,” had only the highest of praise for her fellow “Stranger Things” cast member, Sadie Sink, who portrays Max Mayfield in the series. “Sadie is like Liv Ullmann,” Ryder exclaims. “She’s going to be like Meryl Streep.” 


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