How Teen Mom Alum Chelsea Houska Made Her HGTV Dreams Come True | #gossip | #entertainment

Now they’re able to give a very real glimpse of their day-to-day life on the farm where Cole spends his time, say, crafting a replica of their house for the kids to play in, building a strong case for dad of the year honors along the way. 

“If we were going to come back to TV, I wanted it to be something lighthearted, feel good and be able to show our authentic selves,” Chelsea noted, sharing why this move felt “so right.” As she put it, “This was just such a cool opportunity to do that.”

And if you’re getting strong Chip-and-Joanna vibes, you’re not wrong: The DeBoers offer a Midwest version of the Gaines crew with a little less shiplap and a bit more black cabinetry. 

It’s a comparison that Chelsea, an avid Fixer Upper fan, is more than fine with, TBH. “I mean, the Chip and Joanna compliment is probably the biggest compliment that we can get,” she shared. “Because it’s, like, goals.” 

And while they would admittedly be happy to talk shop with anyone in the HGTV universe, for now, noted her husband, “We want to just be accepted.” 


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