How The Boys Showrunner Got the Exploding Penis Scene Approved | #gossip | #entertainment

Apparently, it wasn’t hard to get Prime Video to approve that penis scene in season three of The Boys.

The Boys is known for its over the top and shocking moments, and the exploding penis scene in the first episode of the new season was certainly no exception. While it may be ingrained in your memory, for those that need a reminder, during the season three premiere of the superhero comedy, Termite (Brett Geddes), a parody of Marvel’s Ant-Man, sneezed inside his lover’s (Bruce Langley) genitals, causing the man to explode from inside of his penis.

And while showrunner Eric Kripke was surprised how “cool with it” Amazon executives were about creating the scene, there was one important note the team had to follow: they couldn’t “show an erect penis.”

“So we had to be very careful with the design of the penis—’cause we built it practically, ” Kripke told Entertainment Weekly. “That’s a real 11-foot-high, 30-foot-long penis built at great expense. But if you look at it, we had to design in all these wrinkles to make it clear that it wasn’t erect. So, anyway, it’s exhibit 7,023 why I love this job.”

And that’s also exhibit 7,023 why we love this show.


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