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BEIJING, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, announced the upcoming release of 213 new pieces of content including TV series, films, and variety shows on May 20, a day celebrated due to closeness in pronunciations between the date and ‘I love you’ in Chinese. The content delivered in iQIYI’s latest slate of release represents the company’s dedication to producing content that reflects both audiences’ everyday experiences and the current zeitgeist, and improve storytelling through heart-warming, vivid characters and genuine emotions. iQIYI believes that integrating content with innovation will drive the future of the entertainment industry.

Serving innovative content and realistic stories

iQIYI remains dedicated to creating high-quality content that grows with the viewers. The company continues to focus on utilizing its innovative content strategy to produce hit content of the highest quality, and especially values good content that echoes specific eras and evokes people’s own experiences and memories. For example, realism-based dramas focus on real-life dilemmas, as each issue can make audiences think of the problems in their own lives; variety shows are based on the mainstream values of the era and rooted in the everyday life of people. Besides, iQIYI will continue to invest in original films, animations, documentaries, and other content that captures the essence of society and communities and meet the needs of different audiences with an extensive content library.

Capturing the zeitgeist with 213 new releases

iQIYI’s future content layout will focus on the mainstream titles that illustrate the happiness and hardships encountered by individuals to society as a whole. Punch Out, Wild Bloom and The Big Examination are epics that encourage the audience to think about idealisms in the current era; Ordinary Greatness, The Heart of Genius and Road Home are shows that depict the struggle of youth and the power of growth; Take Us Home, Golden Trio and My Later Half of Life reflect the beautiful life of ordinary people. In addition, the wide range of genres that the new content delivers will enable iQIYI to meet the increasingly diverse preferences of audiences. For example, A Love Never Lost, The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton and Sisterhood focus on the changes that happen with family dynamics, while Lost in The Kunlun Mountains, Checkmate and The Ingenious One are suspense-focused dramas delivering strong adventure stories. Meanwhile, Thousand Years for You, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, Sword and Fairly 4 meet the audiences’ ideal of immortal romance.

In addition, iQIYI will be launching 20 variety shows, including The Detectives’ Adventures Season 2, The Rap of China, Memoon Singer, Folk 2022, Super Sketch Show Season 2, Action! Season 2, Hot-Blood Dance Crew 2022, Hahahahaha Season 3, Music New Life, Mr. Housework Season 4, The Secret X Season 2, MBTI Friends and Camping Life. These new shows are heavily inspired by the latest interests and lifestyle trends amongst young people.

In terms of iQIYI’s popular theater modes, iQIYI will continue to improve the offering for existing theaters, such as the suspense-themed Light On Theater, the romance-themed Sweet On Theater and the comedy-themed Laugh On Theater, and release new theater categories. To celebrate the the “day of 520”, iQIYI’s Sweet On Theater launches five Chinese dramas, putting the spotlight on romance series, including Love The Way You Are, Love in Time, See You Again, Mr. Bad and Love Between Fairy and Devil.

Going forward, iQIYI will continue to invest its resources in producing original content and meeting the diverse needs of its audiences by providing a wide selection of content that span different genres.

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