Jesse Williams’ Ex-Wife Aryn Seemingly Calls Out His Parenting | #gossip | #entertainment

Jesse Williams‘ ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee is ready to show the world her receipts. 

The real estate broker—who shares son Maceo, 7, and daughter Sadie, 8, with the Grey’s Anatomy star—seemingly called out the actor in a cryptic message on social media, after TMZ reported that he filed court documents seeking to update their current custody agreement.

“Is it good for the health and wellness of a 7yr and 8yr old to be taken out of school on a regular basis to fly cross country overnight on a red eye to be on the ground for two days?” Aryn captioned a Sept. 14 Instagram post. “Is it reasonable for them to return dazed and confused and then be expected to pick right up and survive at school the rest of the week? I don’t think so! Neither do any of the parents who actually parent on a routine basis.”

She added, “There’s a name for the condition of an adult who expects their children to indulge, caregive and service that adult’s desires at the childrens’ expense… #receiptsseason #ihavestayedquietforfartoolong.”


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