John Travolta’s family adopted the dog from Betty White’s Academy Awards tribute | #oscars | #academywards

her new name is Adele Dazeem

MacNCheese, the adorable rescue puppy who made her Hollywood debut at the Academy Awards on Sunday, has found a new home with a famous family.

During the ceremony’s In Memoriam segment, Jamie Lee Curtis came onstage to pay tribute to Betty White, the beloved actress and longtime animal rights activist who died on Dec. 31 at 99. As she held MacNCheese, Curtis spoke about the importance of adopting pets, and said doing so is one way to honor White’s legacy.

Someone in the audience was listening: John Travolta, who ended up adopting MacNCheese after meeting her backstage. Curtis wrote on Instagram that she was thrilled to learn that Travolta and his son, Ben, are welcoming MacNCheese into their home. “It is an emotional end and a perfect tribute to Betty White,” she said, and “shines a light” on the important work done by animal rescues and advocates.


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