Love Is Blind’s Nick & Danielle Give an Update Post Split | #gossip | #entertainment

Love Is Blind‘s Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl have revealed how they’re coping in the aftermath of their recent split. 

Thompson first addressed his feelings on the matter by releasing a statement to fans on Instagram Sept. 21. “Any reality TV personality opens a portion of their life to you for entertainment,” he wrote. “You see glimpses on TV, social media, and other outlets with little insight into the reality of our day-to-day life experiences.” 

Thompson admitted that, after the couple’s divorce filing made news Aug. 21, things have been a challenge, sharing, “Like many of us going through a loss, or life-altering event, we experience cycles of grief as we navigate our emotions.”

The reality star also acknowledged the added element of going through this transition in the public eye, while also candidly addressing his mental state: “I am working through my own mental and emotional challenges to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression.”  

Shortly after Thompson’s statement, Ruhl shared one of her own, revealing that “it has taken some time to publicly speak about my marriage ending, as emotions are still raw.”

“However, I will always appreciate those who have followed my journey,” she continued, “and continue to support me throughout this entire experience.”


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