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Below Deck Down Under’s M/Y Thalassa has had a smooth journey so far this season but that changed after a few new guests hopped on board in the latest episode.

Crew member Magda Ziomek, who was a bit too excited to welcome the guests, ended up suffering a wardrobe malfunction while putting on a dance performance for them.

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Magda Ziomek suffers wardrobe malfunction on Below Deck

Viewers met Magda when Below Deck Down Under’s new season premiered on March 17, and many fell in love with the model/stewardesses’ enthusiastic personality.

However, the crew member’s enthusiasm ended up costing her in the show’s latest episode.

In an exclusive censored clip released by Bravo, we see deckhand Culver Bradbury, who is also the boat’s self-appointed entertainment officer, welcoming the special guests.

“Long, long ago on the Thalassa, we had a very special guest come on – The Marilyn Monroe,” Culver says before continuing: “Now, some say on certain nights, her spirit still lives on. I have a feeling she may be around this evening.”

Stewardess Magda enters the cabin dressed as Marilyn Monroe from head to toe. She is even seen sporting a blonde mullet wig as a part of her get-up.

Things seem alright at first as the model channels the Hollywood icon while entertaining her guests. However, everyone is left shocked when she takes off her floral shirt and strips down to lingerie underneath.

The stewardess experiences a wee bit of a wardrobe malfunction, which everyone notices except her. “I don’t think that’s meant to be part of the show,” deckhand Benny Crawley says in an interview clip.

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Crew members and guests react to star’s NSFW performance

As Magda’s performance turns NSFW, the guests, who are visibly uncomfortable, try not to let out too much with their expressions. However, the crew members are left in splits as they just can’t control their laughter.

Magda, who is totally unaware that she is showing a bit too much, keeps the show going. At one point, one of the guests tries to wave at her to hint at her accidental nip slip, but the stewardess, who is caught in the moment, doesn’t understand.

The crew member realizes at the end of her performance that she baring a bit too much and she is embarrassed, to say the least.

Meet Magda on Instagram

At the time of writing, the model has over 8500 Instagram followers.

Her bio reveals that besides being a model and a stewardess, she is an extreme sports addict and loves to travel.

Her Instagram is filled with stunning images of her in exotic locations.

Below Deck Down Under | Official Trailer | Peacock Original



Below Deck Down Under | Official Trailer | Peacock Original







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