Miles Teller Has Best Reaction to Wife Keleigh’s TikTok Thirst Traps | #gossip | #entertainment

We feel the need, the need for Keleigh Teller’s TikToks.

Miles Teller’s wife has fans buzzing over her social media account after she started sharing some thirst trap videos of her leading man. And thankfully, he’s OK those clips aren’t considered classified footage. At least, for the Gen Xers on TikTok.

“To be fair, I think it’s a generation that people have grievance towards, I think they’re an audience maybe that people don’t take as seriously,” the Top Gun: Maverick star told E! News while at the FYC screening of his show The Offer June 14. “They think they’re just like consumers [with] very quick attention spans, but it’s shown through with something like Top Gun that they are just as much theater-goers as anybody else.”

“So it’s nice to take that audience seriously. And it’s very fun,” he continued. “I don’t have very much [of a] social media presence. I have Twitter. I mainly use it for like news sources every once in a while to tweet something out. But I mostly use it as a consumer, not so much as a platform. And my wife’s just been having fun with it ’cause obviously, she loves me more than anybody.”


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