NBK Academy named “Best Youth Programme Initiative” | #oscars | #academywards

  • The Academy contributes to the national knowledge economy, in addition to helping significantly in attracting national talent
  • The Academy’s program is strictly selective, and provides a comprehensive career development journey for Kuwaitis in the banking sector
  • The award reflects NBK’s vision in positioning sustainable human capital development as a top priority

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) Academy was presented with the “Best Youth Programme Initiative” award, in the first edition of the annual awards ceremony organized by MEED International magazine for MENA Banking Excellence Awards 2022.

MEED classified the Academy as a program that contributes vitally to the national knowledge economy, in addition to attracting the necessary talent pool to private sector institutions.

The selection criteria were based on that the Academy’s program, which is strictly selective, focuses on respecting and developing individuals, and providing a comprehensive career development journey for Kuwaiti nationals under the age of 25, giving them unique job skills for the future.

MEED added that the award reflects NBK’s long-term commitment to its evolving ESG standards, which comes in line with its strategy that has been developing over the past fifteen years when NBK initiated their CSR Reports. This is a testimonial that the bank is among the most well established institutions, not focusing only on financial goals, but goals related to respecting and developing people, and giving back to the community.

Launched 14 years ago, NBK Academy embodies the bank’s strategy to recruit fresh graduate national talents, and aims to develop and enable them to work in the banking sector.

Since its launch, the Academy graduated 26 cohorts of trainees, totaling 423 graduates, of whom 58% are females, which proves NBK’s success in promoting gender diversity and inclusion, as well as provision of equal opportunities.

The Academy reflects NBK’s vision to support sustainable human capital development as a top strategic priority, being a shared responsibility between the various governmental agencies and the private sector.

NBK Academy was inaugurated in 2008 with the aim to pave the way for fresh Kuwaiti graduates to join the banking sector. The Academy provides graduates with the best training programs in cooperation with renowned international institutions and universities designed to materialize the Academy’s main mission in preparing highly professional ambassadors for a leading banking brand, both regionally and internationally.

NBK continues to cement its leading role among private sector institutions in attracting, training, and upskilling national talent and qualifying them for work in the banking sector. NBK has the highest employee retention rates and is the employer of choice for national talents in the private sector; in addition, the bank is the largest employer of national labor in the private sector. This goes in line with its strategy based on attracting high-caliber national talent, serving the goals of New Kuwait Vision 2035 by increasing national labor ratio in the banking sector, and supporting the national economy by recruiting national talent.

Founded in 1957, MEED is a leading magazine focused on economic and business news and intelligence and analysis on economies of the Middle East.

For more information about MEED’s “Best Youth Programme Initiative” Award 2022, you can visit the magazine’s website: https://www.meed.com/



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