Netflix viewers share ingenious method of avoiding spoilers after complaining about one feature | #entertainment | #news

Netflix viewers have shared a method of avoiding spoilers after one person complained about one of the streaming app’s features.

Users are currently shown short video previews of films and TV series automatically while they are browsing Netflix.

However, some viewers have complained that the clips in question sometimes give away plot points they would rather not have discovered in advance.

Recently, Ozark fans accused Netflix of ruining certain moments in the show’s fourth and final season, after the auto-play trailer contained what seemed to be a significant spoiler.

A Reddit thread was established on Sunday (29 May) when one person complained: “Netflix really needs to stop showing spoilers in the preview and image’s [sic] when scrolling.”

Other users chimed in with responses to the complaint, however, and suggested a means of disabling the streaming service’s spoiler-friendly feature.

“You can deactivate trailers and clips in your account settings,” one person replied. “But only through a PC/Laptop.”

It’s true: viewers are able to deactivate the “auto play previews” feature through their PC or laptop.

After signing into your Netflix account, you have to select “manage profiles” from the menu. After clicking through, there should be an option to disable “auto play previews”.

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This might take a short while to update, but when it does, the setting will be disabled across all devices, including TV apps.

Spoilers aren’t the only source of frustration for Netflix viewers recently. Fans of the hit sci-fi series Stranger Things were left scratching their heads over the resolution to season three’s big cliffhanger, with many branding the explanation “ridiculous”.


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