New Barney Docuseries Reveals Shocking Dark Side of Kids’ Show | #gossip | #entertainment

One of the world’s most beloved children’s characters turned into a target for hate.

Such is the dark story of everyone’s favorite talking dinosaur, Barney. And that story will be explored in Peacock’s two-part docuseries I Love You, You Hate Me, which premieres Oct. 12.

The series will follow “the rise and fall of Barney the Dinosaur’s furious backlash—and what it says about the human need to hate,” according to the streamer’s description.

Since the premiere of Barney & Friends in 1992, the character, created by Sheryl Leach, became a hit. After all, “What color is happier than purple? No color,” says Bill Nye in the series’ trailer.

“As her beloved character was heading into the stratosphere,” states Al Roker, “people couldn’t accept that this was just a show. And so, let the bashing begin.”

The “bashing” came in the form of violently destroying Barney merchandise, spreading rumors—including one claiming that Barney actors hid drugs in the costume’s tail—and even death threats towards the show’s performers, crew and their families.


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