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Hasbro’s newest NERF collaboration features blasters and swords inspired by the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie. | Source: Hasbro

It’s time to take your Dungeons & Dragons gameplay into the real world. 

Ahead of the March 31 release of the new Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie, Hasbro is releasing a new line of NERF products to get fans into the role-playing spirit. The NERF Dungeons & Dragons blasters will let fans bring their campaigns into real life as they prepare to watch the new film based on the magical world of D&D. 

The NERF Dungeons & Dragons Themberchaud Blaster ($27.99) is a dart-firing crossbow that launches one NERF Elite foam dart. It’s inspired by Themberchaud, a fire-breathing red dragon who hoards treasure in the Underdark caverns of D&D’s Forgotten Realms. For a harder target, the NERF Dungeons & Dragons Rakor Blaster ($16.99) launches two NERF Elite foam darts and is inspired by the black Dragon Rakor, who unleashes acid breath upon any adventurer in the Forgotten Realms who challenges him for treasure. To round out the dragon-shaped blasters, there is also a NERF Microshots Dungeons & Dragons Palarandusk ($11.99), which is a golden dragon blaster that launches one NERF Elite foam dart and is inspired by the golden dragon Palarandusk.

This collection also features some replica weapons. The NERF Dungeons & Dragons Holga’s GreatAxe ($22.99), used by Holga the barbarian in the new movie, has a foam head and an easy-grip plastic handle. Finally, The NERF Dungeons & Dragons Xenk’s Daggersword ($16.99) is inspired by the sword Xenk the paladin used in the new movie and has a foam blade. 

The NERF Dungeons and Dragons collection is available now! Get your (NERF) weapons ready and don’t forget to head to the theaters in March to see all the D&D game-play on the big screen.


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