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MUMBAI: Sony Entertainment Television’s show ‘Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye’ is a beautiful narrative that weaves a story around love and ambition. A budding writer Soumya Verma (Vidhi Pandya) takes charge of her own life and breaks all the shackles to fulfill her dreams of becoming a writer in Armaan Oberoi’s (Vijayendra Kumeria) company.

The show is gearing up for interesting twists and turns.

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Earlier, Armaan gets into an affair with Prisha behind Soumya’s back while Prisha successfully provokes Armaan. 

While Armaan confesses his feelings to Prisha, he gets clicked.

On the other hand, Soumya gets confirmation that Armaan is betraying her and she breaks down. 

Later, Armaan asks Soumya to lie to the reporters but she denies to do so. 

When Armaan pretends to leave the house, she doesn’t melt. So he humiliates her in front of the media for not trusting him. 

Armaan puts Soumya in a bad light in front of the world by blaming her for everything.

He humiliates her in front of the media and tells them that he regrets getting married to her. 

He even accuses her of having an affair with someone else and tells them that she was the one to frame him so that she gets sympathy.

He crosses the limit when he tells them that Soumya is not pregnant with his child and that the child is someone else’s.

Shockingly, he announces his relationship with Prisha by telling them how much she has helped him in bringing him out of his pain.

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Will Soumya fight back?

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