Palak Tiwari slams beauty standards in entertainment industry: You can never really truly please an audience | #gossip | #entertainment

Actor Shweta Tiwari’s daughter, Palak Tiwari, became popular with her stint in the music video ‘Bijlee Bijlee’ with Harrdy Sandhu. The gorgeous actress often shares her pictures and videos on social media. She has a massive fan following. The actress recently opened up on the beauty double standards in the entertainment industry and focus on attaining a certain body type. 

In a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Palak was asked about how important it is to groom oneself. Talking about the Hindi entertainment industry, Palak said that grooming helps with self-confidence, especially in an industry where you always have to be the best version of yourself.

Palak also spoke about the double standards of beauty, “People speak so much about how actors need to be presentable, but at the same time there’s so much contradictory conversation that actors, especially budding actors and actresses are setting an almost unattainable standard of beauty. But I have been noticing, it’s not a standard set by us, but set for us by the audience.”

Elaborating on her statement, Palak continued, “If you have these surgeries and all that, they have things to say about it, but if you don’t, then you are unadorned, and not ready. So you can never really truly please an audience with how you groom yourself, or not, because they will always portray their insecurities on to you. But grooming in this industry, I think largely means that you feel your best self. No matter how low you are feeling, you have to always appear exuberant about things, and be vivacious, and I think grooming yourself kind of helps you with that. But I think that’s all there’s to it.”

Palak also opened up about the way a certain type of body size is promoted in present culture, she said there’s no ideal body type. She said that she lives in India, an ideal body type is a size medium but people fat shame a size medium. She added that when someone is too skinny, they have an issue because ‘oh my god, you are such a mass of bones’ but if you are voluptuous, if you have some mass to yourself (they say) ‘What is wrong with her? Has she not been dieting?’ She said it is the same toxic circle of people never being happy so she don’t think it makes any sense paying heed to that.

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