Peter Facinelli Shares Father’s Day Gift Picks Dad Will Appreciate | #gossip | #entertainment

E!: How are you celebrating Father’s Day this year? 
PF: Maybe a Dodger game. That’s always fun on Father’s Day. 

E!: Which fictional dad represents you the best and why? 
I have to go with Dr. Carlisle Cullen… I played him in Twilight, so I’m not sure if it counts, but as the patriarch of the Cullen family he was always doing his best to protect his family and provide them with the best life possible.  Plus I hope I still look 30 when I’m 300 years old. 

E: Tell us about a time you embarrassed your kids.  
PF: I don’t think there’s a time where I haven’t embarrassed my kids!

E!: What’s an item that your son or daughter always borrows from you? 
PF: My credit card.

E!: What’s your number one piece of advice for new dads? 
PF: Enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast!

E!: What’s a great gift under $50 that you would recommend? 
PF: One year my oldest daughter made me a memory jar. It’s a jar filled with pieces of paper with fun memories we have shared over the years written on them. It’s fun to keep out on a coffee table and pull them out and read them from time to time.  Always makes me smile at a memory she wrote down. Plus, you can add to it. And it only costs the price of a jar (which she stole out of the cupboard).


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