Prince Harry’s Friends Allegedly Think He’s ‘Secretly Spiraling,’ Meghan Markle Taking Advantage Of Him, Dubious Gossip Claims | #gossip | #entertainment

Are Prince Harry‘s friends worried about him? One tabloid claims Meghan Markle has been pushing her husband too far. Here’s the latest gossip about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry ‘Behaving Weirdly’?

This week’s edition of Life & Style reports Prince Harry’s friends are starting to worry about his mental health. The duke has previously attested that he and Meghan Markle left the royal family for their own well-being, but sources say that it might have backfired. “When Harry first moved, he was so at peace and raved about starting fresh. Friends were thrilled he’d finally found happiness,” an insider confides. But things apparently took a turn as soon as he started working again. “Since signing big deals with Netflix, Spotify, and others, however, he’s been behaving weirdly,” the tipster reveals.

“Harry’s inexperienced in the entertainment industry and didn’t know what he was getting himself into… He was naive and friends worry he’s bitten off more than he can chew.” Sources say Markle has even pushed Harry to be on camera for their streaming deals—something that he’s admitted gives him immense anxiety. “Over the last couple of weeks, a whole camera crew followed him for his Netflix series,” the source notes. “They were constantly filming. Obviously, he’s being paid a fortune for it—but at what cost?”

Is Prince Harry Okay?

This report is extremely presumptuous, and it isn’t based on any substantial evidence at all. First of all, there’s no way that this rag is talking to any friends of the Sussexes. Both Meghan Markle and Harry keep their social lives extremely private, so there’s just no way that anyone in their inner circle is crossing this boundary. Furthermore, Harry seems to be doing better than ever. Since signing the streaming deals, Harry has been able to afford proper security for his family, welcomed his daughter to the world, and been able to pursue projects he’s passionate about.

And while the magazine doesn’t bother to make this distinction, being hounded by paparazzi as a child is extremely different from hiring your own camera crew to film a documentary. Harry seems to not have a problem being on camera as long as he has a degree of control over the situation, which makes perfect sense. So, we seriously doubt Harry’s upcoming documentary is taking too much of a psychological toll on him.

In fact, Harry looked comfortable as ever in a short promo he filmed for his eco-travel initiative, Travalyst. It’s obvious that the tabloid just wanted to paint Markle as an evil, overbearing wife that pushes her husband into situations he’s uncomfortable with. But from all of the evidence we have, it’s clear that isn’t the case at all.

The Tabloid On Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

This is far from the first slanderous report from Life & Style we’ve confronted, especially when it comes to the Sussexes. Late last year, the outlet claimed Harry and Markle were moving to New York. Then the magazine reported Markle was refusing to let the queen anywhere near her children. And more recently, the publication alleged Markle and Harry were living separate lives and even sleeping in different houses. Obviously, Life & Style doesn’t actually have any insight into the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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