Prince William Reassures Fan Worried About Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis | #gossip | #entertainment

Queen Elizabeth II‘s beloved corgis will be just fine, according to Prince William.

On Sept. 17, the Prince of Wales made a surprise visit to greet fans waiting in line to view his grandmother’s coffin lying in state at Westminster Hall at Westminster Palace in London. One of the mourners, a woman, inquired about the queen’s Pembroke Welsh corgis, Muick and Sandy, who are set to go live with the person who gifted them to her, her son Prince Andrew, and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York.

“I saw them the other day, that got me quite sad,” William told the fan in line, regarding the corgis, as seen in a Sky News video. “They are going to be looked after fine.”

He continued, holding the woman’s hand, “They are two very friendly corgis so they’ve got a good home. They’ll be looked after very well, spoilt rotten I’m sure.”

Smiling, the fan responded, “I hope so”.


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