Rosie Perez Couldn’t Believe Tupac Used Faith Evans Against Notorious BIG During Their Feud | #gossip | #entertainment

As some may know, actor Rosie Perez and Tupac were extremely close to each other. But Perez admitted that she saw a different side to her friend during his feud with Biggie Smalls. The conflict saw Tupac using Smalls’ own significant other against him. To Perez, it was a Tupac that she didn’t recognize.

Tupac Shakur impressed Rosie Perez by not hitting on her

Rosie Perez | Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Rosie Perez expressed feeling almost instant chemistry when she first met Tupac. One of the ways Tupac immediately stood out to Perez was in his approach. The late rapper didn’t flirt with Perez the way others might have. This already left an immediate impression on the White Men Can’t Jump alum.


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