SAG Awards Will No Longer Air on TBS or TNT | #oscars | #academywards

The annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, which are typically held a few weeks prior to the Academy Awards, have been broadcast on TNT since 1998 (and simulcast on TBS since 2007), but today it was announced that the networks will no longer air the awards show.

The SAG Awards, which has been around since 1995, honor individual actors, ensembles, and stunt performers across television and film, and the awards have often been considered predictors of which actors will take home the Oscars. (Of the 112 Oscars given out in the four major acting categories at the Oscars over the past 28 years, 83 of those performers have also taken home a SAG Award.)

This year, all four actors who received Oscars for their performances, Troy Kotsur for Best Supporting Actor, Ariana DeBose for Best Supporting Actress, Jessica Chastain for Best Actress, and Will Smith for Best actor, also won in their respective SAG Awards categories.

TNT and TBS networks, which are now owned by Warner Bros. Discovery have been moving in a new direction of late, recently announcing that they will no longer produce scripted content, and the move to eliminate the SAG Awards broadcast will take effect next year.

It has not yet been announced where the 29th Annual SAG Awards will air when they occur in 2023. Prior to airing on TNT, they were broadcast by NBC.


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