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For better or verse (if the verse is by Edgar Allan Poe), Halloween has evolved — like Christmas — from a specific date on the calendar to a weeks-long season.

That is not good news if you’re not a fan of your neighbor’s animatronic chattering skeleton display. But it is good news if you enjoy sharing the communal screams and laughs with an audience.

As usual, Memphis venues in October will offer what Dracula in Bram Stoker’s novel called a “bountiful wine-press” of scary movies, with titles ranging from Karloff classics to new horror hopefuls (“Terrifier 2,” anyone?). So get out a pencil and your appointment book, because here is a list of Halloween-inspired public screenings set for this month.

New Fears: a ‘Halloween’ sequel and more, in cinemas

Sosie Bacon stars in Paramount Pictures and Parker Finn film "Smile."

“Smile” — opens Sept. 30 at most theaters: With superheroes in hibernation until “Black Adam” arrives Oct. 21, horror remains the hope of the box office. Will this scary story about a psychiatrist haunted by visions of ghoulish grins scare up as many customers as did “Barbarian,” “Pearl,” “The Invitation,” “Beast” and “Nope” (all of which remain on Memphis screens)?

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