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Karl Stefanovic was left in stitches this morning after an interview with the child tackled by Scott Morrison yesterday took a wild turn.

Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon were left speechless this morning after an interview with the child bulldozed by Scott Morrison yesterday took an unexpected turn.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister inadvertently provided the wildest moment of the election campaign so far when he took out a child during a soccer match in Tasmania.

Mr Morrison was playing a training game with kids at the home of the Devonport Strikers when he made a run towards the goal that went horribly wrong, colliding with Luca Fauvette and knocking him to the ground.

The incident made headlines across the nation as well as globally, after immediately going viral on social media.

On Thursday morning, Luca appeared on Today along with his grandmother Joy Roffe to discuss the tackle, with the boy telling the Today co-hosts he was “good” despite being tackled by the PM, who Langdon described as “not a small man”.

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“So we were playing soccer and I think someone tried to pass it to me or Mr Morrison and what happened (was) he tripped and he was trying not to fall on top of me,” Luca said on-air.

“So he tried to fall underneath me.”

Luca was then asked what Mr Morrison told him in the aftermath, revealing he was told he was a “good sport”.

Meanwhile, his grandmother said it was a “bit of a shock” to witness her grandson being clobbered on the field.

“I could see how (Morrison) was trying to protect him and keep him from being hurt by his own body I think,” Ms Roffe said.

“Then Luca got up pretty well soon after, I could see he was alright.”

Luca then revealed Mr Morrison had called him later that day to check whether he was “OK”, adding that he “must be a big fan of football”.

Brandishing a red card, Luca then said he thought it “should have been a penalty”, sending the Today hosts – who declared Luca to be a “legend” – into fits of giggles.

“What a character,” a laughing Stefanovic said.

But then, the cute interview took a bizarre turn after Stefanovic mentioned he had heard Luca was “a bit of a rapper”, and invited him to “bust a rhyme”.

“I was at the bar with my drinking team … And it was me Jack Daniels and the homey Jim Beam,” Luca began.

“Knock knock _ Who’s there _ I don’t care _ I just got scared over there _ Hey _ Why are you looking at me _ You aren’t blind _ You can see _ Why are you trying to keep up with me _ I’m only in first grade _ But I’ve got a rap degree.

“Sit back home boys … We’ve got it all this morning. We know who we are _ And you can represent _ To collect the rent hand ball because you represent …

“I’ve been rapping since I was two … With only one shoe..” he continued, before the program cut to an ad break.

Both Scott Morrison and the soccer club posted statements on Facebook about the collision soon afterwards.

“A shout out to young Luca for being such a good sport,” the PM wrote.

“You may have seen we had a bit of a collision at club training tonight at the Devonport Strikers Football Club in Tasmania. I spoke to Luca and his mum Ali tonight to check in on him and he was in good form.”

“Great to be able to have a good chat to him about his love of football and to hear he’s had three hat-tricks in his budding career already.”

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