See Taylor Swift Make Midnights Album in Behind-the-Scenes Clip | #gossip | #entertainment

The countdown until Midnights continues.

Taylor Swift shared behind-the-scenes footage of her 10th album’s creation, which shows the musician joyously recording songs with longtime-producer Jack Antonoff. Taylor captioned the short teaser clip, “the making of Midnights,” set to the Niceboy Ed‘s single “Life You Lead.”

Though the Sept. 16 video doesn’t contain any sort of reference to what the album might sound like, Taylor is seen passionately playing on keyboards, dancing with wine glasses and displaying what looks like multi-colored prototypes of the album’s vinyl records. Besides working hard in the studio, the clip shows Taylor enjoying the snow outdoors and snuggling with her cat Benjamin Button. Watch the full video here.

With less than a month left until Midnights drops on Oct. 21, the latest video comes after Taylor showed off the four different album covers and the secret image that they create.


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