Selling Tampa Star Sharelle Rosado & Chad Johnson Are Engaged | #gossip | #entertainment

This engagement is a total touchdown.

Sharelle Rosado and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson are looking to make it official. As seen in photos shared to the Selling Tampa star’s Instagram Story, the pair got engaged on Jan. 7.

So, how did the former Cincinnati Bengals player pop the question? Chad, who turns 45 Jan. 9, told Sharelle they were going to his early birthday celebration, per People, who was first to report the engagement. Once there, he got on one knee in front of loved ones who were hiding to watch the special moment. 

The gesture touched Sharelle’s heart in a big way. “I’m honestly shocked!” she told the outlet. “He is definitely not a planner, so for him to pull this off for me is so amazing. Just the thought he put into this and having our family and friends here to witness says a lot.” 

Sharelle and Chad have referred to one another as “fiancé” and “fiancée” for quite some time, per the outlet. But now, a ring is in the picture.


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