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Smart Jodi is a popular entertainment-based show. The show features some popular real-life celebrity couples, who have to take part in numerous interesting tasks. There are 10 couples who are part of the competition. In the recent promo, it is seen that Arjun Bijlani and his wife Neha Swami will be sharing about their childhood. 

The upcoming episode of the reality show, Smart Jodi will show celeb couples reliving their school days. And as the couples share moments from their school lives, Arjun Bijlani and Neha Swami revealed both were quite the naughty kids.

Neha shares that she was a naughty kid. She says, “I was very naughty. I wouldn’t study. I would just take part in all the extra-curricular activities. I would get punished too. One day the principal called my parents and told them not to let me participate in any function as I don’t study.”

Arjun joins her saying, “I was also a naughty kid. But I was good at sports. I was an athlete. So I would get excused at times. One or two times I have also stood outside the principal’s cabin. We would engage in harmless masti. Making paper balls and throwing them on somebody, throwing chalk, eating tiffin under the desk. That was too much fun.”

Watch the promo here:

In the episode, Bhagyashree and Himalaya also went on a special date. They visited their school and recalled fond memories. Bhagyashree recalled how they met and fell in love and in fear of losing Himalaya, she made him propose to her.

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