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Prime Video’s The Grand Tour returns to our screens today with its motor-head trio’s latest special A Scandi Flick – and those who’ve seen the film will know that it’s full of “dramatic” crashes, big laughs and lots of car-related competition.

However, if you’ve ever wondered just how scripted this seemingly-improvised show is, then executive producer Andy Wilman has the answer for you.

Speaking to and other press, Wilman said that the team make “very loose” plans for hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond when going into each special of The Grand Tour.

When asked how scripted The Grand Tour specials are, he replied: “Very loose. we know where we’re going, we know where we’re headed.”

Jeremy Clarkson sets fire to a car in The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick. Prime Video

He added: “There are certain things on that film that we know, like you know, Jeremy and Richard come to that ice lake to race the skiiers and we don’t find those by accident, that sort of thing.

“You set that up in advance, but you don’t know what the outcome will be and so on and so on.

“We had a notion that we were going to build sheds because we had seen on a reccy those little huts,” he continued. “So you work that in and you go, ‘Right, we will build some sheds,’ but what will happen to them or how you know how they will play out, we don’t know.”

In the special, we watch as the Grand Tour trio drive through the snow with sheds on the backs of their cars before driving down a ski slope.

When asked whether producers told Clarkson to push Hammond’s shed down the ski slope, he said: “No, that’s his thought.

“We usually go with a sheet of A4 [paper] with bullet points, which for a 90-minute film, I think is still good to sort of hand-on-heart say we’re still making this s**t up overarchingly.”

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Richard Hammond revealed that there were moments of “real peril” whilst filming The Grand Tour, adding: “Just because you’re doing telly doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong.”

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