The Jackass Forever Cast Knows Exactly Which Stunt Deserves To Win An Oscar | #oscars | #academywards

The Jackass franchise has been delivering stunts, pranks, and general nonsense to viewers for well over two decades. They’re not the kind of films to be honored at any major awards ceremonies, but if the Academy Awards would introduce the long-awaited Best Stunt category, there’s a strong chance the new Jackass Forever would have been in the running last weekend. Not only that, but the Jackass crew seems to know exactly the stunt that would have walked away with the big prize.

Johnny Knoxville took the most significant blow in Jackass Forever when a raging bull sent him flying through the air. While it was a sobering moment that landed the crew’s fearless leader in the hospital, they all seem to agree it’s the biggest stunt of the film. When asked which stunt would have a shot in this hypothetical Oscar category, longtime Jackass crew members Preston Lacy and Jason “Wee Man” Acuña said this:

Preston Lacy: Johnny Knoxville and the bull, for sure. Hands down.
Wee Man: Yeah, the Bull. Yeah.


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